Special Constructions


Special Constructions


Shading  and Curtain walls

They are products that achieve long-term functionality and proper management of solar radiation and light. The specific profile designed for such structures, resistance tests have passed, air permeability, wind pressure, tightness, high thermal insulation in extreme weather, harmonized with the EU requirements.


Sky lights atriums

Their creation in modern buildings is an aesthetic solution, and offers plenty of natural light from the ceiling where conventional architectures could not give solutions. Used in swimming pools, gyms, shopping centers, public buildings, creating a pleasant feeling of wellness and conditions for visitors. It is essential that for the correct operation have runoff system to remove water and chosen for their construction, materials resistance to time and corrosions under difficult climatic conditions.

  • 10800
  • 11 teliko
  • 12 teliko
  • 3D_Model_3500
  • ARCH_2011_EnDe_M19800_9800_10800_2
  • ARCH_2011_EnDe_M5600_M5660_5
  • M3
  • M50_2
  • M50_4
  • M50_6
  • M6
  • M6_10
  • m4
  • s 500 4 teliko


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